Body Language Presentations with Nonverbal Science

Monica Levin is a Certified Body Language Trainer who teaches scientifically proven nonverbal communication skills in workshops and presentations.

Monica tailors her live presentations to meet your goals on location or via a webinar.

5 languages of appreciation in the workplace

79% of employees who leave their jobs site lack of appreciation as one of the main reasons that they left. Learn how to motivate with appreciation.

Workshop are with Monica Levin, Certified Appreciation at Work Facilitator.


Give us 40 minutes of your time once a month, and we will give you science-based nonverbal communication skills that will make you more authentic, credible, and charismatic.

Presentations, Workshops, and Webinars

Monica Levin Certified Body Language Trainer

Body Language Trainer

Monica helps people have authentic, genuine, low-stress interactions by teaching them scientifically proven nonverbal communication skills. Consistent application of body language skills has been shown to positively impact confidence, health, creativity, relationships, communication, productivity, and happiness.

appreciation in the workplace

Not everyone feels appreciated in the same way. There are five languages of appreciation and everyone has their innate preference. Organizations that focus attention on effectively communicating appreciation have reduced employee turnover, absenteeism, and stress and improved employee productivity.

Body Language Webinars

Learn nonverbal communication skills from the comfort of your home or office. Invest 40 minutes in yourself once a month and sign up for one of Monica’s webinars; Fundamentals of Body Language; Appreciation at Home & Work,¬†Body Language for Pitching, Negotiating, & Networking, Lie Detection.

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