Independent Study for Individuals

DIY Independent Study

Independent Study for Individuals

Did you propose Success Academy Courses to the manager at your workplace but want to get started now?  Success Academy’s Independent Study program is ideal for the individual that wants to succeed in all areas of their life!

Do you ever feel confused about your career, relationships, or your health? Did you know that you have answers to all your questions within you?

It’s time for you to learn how to tune into your intuition and get your own answers! You will never feel alone again.

Independent Study for Individuals

Independent Study for Individuals

Step One: Study The Body-Soul Bridge

Monica Levin’s Book The Body-Soul Bridge teaches you how to get messages from your Divine Mind through your Body-Soul Bridge so that your Human Mind can then take action.

Follow the instructions in the The Body-Soul Bridge and use the accompanying journals. Then you will be able to receive messages about:

  • Your Health, Supplements, Food, and Your Symptoms
  • Thought Transformation, Stress Reduction, and Mood Improvement
  • Personal, Social, and Work Life
  • Nonverbal Communication & Body Language

The information you receive will help you to reach deeper levels of wholeness and step into your future with confidence.


Once you purchase The Body-Soul Bridge, you will have access to a password-protected page that contains video tutorials!

Independent Study for Individuals

Step Two: One-On-One eSessions

In One-On-One eSessions via Zoom, Monica helps you to connect to your intuition. The virtual session is then led by your intuition.

Monica helps you to listen to and interpret the answers to your questions.

Let yourself be guided every minute of every day at work, when parenting, in your relationships, with your health, and when looking for a house – everywhere!

Learn more about Monica Levin and how she uses intuition in all areas of her life!


Scheduling & Pricing

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