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I was desperate and at the end of my rope when a friend suggested that I contact Monica Levin. I’m going to tell you with absolute confidence that in just ONE visit this beautiful person she not only enhanced my life, but put me on the road to healing! I brought a friend with me and she was flabbergasted when I was done. She said “Lee, look at your face! You seem so relaxed. Something definable happened to you.” People are given gifts and Monica has these gifts. If you are suffering with anything, don’t wait until you’re at the end (like me). Just try a session with Monica. You will be a better person and a healthier person after spending time with her. I will never forget her! ❤

Leslie Combs

Monica’s inner guidance counseling has been tremendous for me! Rather than seeking to “tell me” what to do, her gentle, unobtrusive style has helped me connect with my own inner guidance, so I know exactly what is right for ME. Plus simply being around her is like being in the presence of bright, warm sunshine. I highly recommend her!

Sally Risser

Thank you Monica. I have experienced angel readings where the person channels messages out loud that your angels want you to hear. Monica’s approach helps you connect with your angels where you become your own channel. Highly recommend her service.

Fred Ferris

Monica Levin spoke to our CEO group this past month, providing excellent value. Members with very different backgrounds found her workshop valuable, and she offered tools that could be put to work in their respective businesses right away. She persuaded our group to let go of old beliefs and to adopt new ones. Several members asked for the link to the recording of her workshop to review the presentation and further absorb her material. Monica is a professional educator! She engages her audience and holds their attention through group participation – furthering the learning. Her stories create a shared experience and make a visceral connection with her audience. Monica transforms ideas into meaning. She would be a welcome addition to our group meeting in the future!

John Finegan, Executive Coach

Monica has been my life coach for nearly three years and my life has changed dramatically for the better. Her unique combination of education, experience, wisdom and spiritual guidance have given me the tools to reduce stress, achieve the best health of my life, and improve family relationships. Spending time with her is like spending time with one of your best friends; she radiates warmth, good humor and love. From our first meeting, she imbued me with the confidence to express aspects of myself I had rarely shared in the past. Most recently, the breakthroughs have been related to health concerns via her administration of an updated Rife machine, the Spooky2. Monica offers the whole package as a life coach and she’s 100% dedicated to guiding others to their heart’s desires. I cannot recommend her more highly. She is a treasure!

Julie Kelsea

I have sought guidance from Monica on numerous occasions, and each time she has given me a fresh perspective and many practical ways to feel empowered. She has a unique set of skills that combine logic with a holistic approach to problem-solving.

She is attentive at listening and is generous in sharing her thoughts and ideas. Best of all, I enjoy her warm personality, calming presence, and direct, yet compassionate approach to things.

Through collaboration as a career/life coach, I believe Monica can help people at any life stage reduce stress, unlock their potential, and ultimately thrive.”

Evelyn Chan

Monica’s excellence as Life Coach seems rooted in a deep understanding of humanity and the societies we function in. She is well researched, yes, but also wonderfully intuitive. Monica moves the coached to an understanding of how to achieve goals with clarity; life coaching resulting in a vision of achievement as an inevitability.

Steyn van Niekerk

Monica is my ‘go to’ person when any wisdom or guidance is needed. From how to have instant rapport with everyone you meet, to helping to discover your life purpose, she has the intuitive ability and skills to get you to a better life.

Tom Price

I’ve known Monica for years and appreciate her wisdom, support and humor. She has coached and guided me with health and nutrition issues and helped me to trust myself and learn strategies to aid decision making and life choices.

Julie Keller

Thank you, Monica, for your coaching! I love our calls and always look forward to speaking with you. You have one of the most vicarious backgrounds, all of which I truly believe helps you to be the positive and uplifting person that you are. Thank you and I look forward to our next call!

Robert Iyer

Monica’s life coaching skills in health and nutrition have given me insight and perspective over a number of years. I have enjoyed discussions with her personally and as a colleague. Monica is insightful and a great communicator who puts you at ease.

Lezlie Cebulski

Monica is amazing. She has run a muscle test on me and was able to determine multiple things. Her positive attitude is contagious and I highly recommend anyone in need of a nutritionist for allergies to see her.

T. Craven

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