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Oracle Card Guidebook: Affirmations

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Oracle Card Guidebook: Affirmations

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The intention of this guidebook is to help you receive messages in the form of affirmations from your Divine Mind by using a standard deck of poker cards (not included with the purchase of this guidebook).

Two pages are dedicated to each card. The first page contains the card’s affirmation and spaces in which to record the date. The second page invites you to write more in-depth affirmations or to create your own affirmation.

How to Use this Guidebook

Step 1: Set your intention.
“What affirmation would help me at this time?”
“What affirmation do you tell me to pay attention to today for the highest good of all?”
Step 2: Select a card.
Select the card that your Divine Mind indicates using your inner pendulum or intuition.
Step 3: Read the affirmation.
Meditate on the affirmation for a minute or two.

Step 4: Ask your Divine Mind about the affirmation.

“Do I have any blocks or impediments that stop this statement from being true?”
If you get a “yes” answer, then go to Step 5. If you get a “no” answer, then go to Step 6.
Step 5: Go through the Reprogramming Thoughts and Beliefs process.
Command, “Infinite Becoming, locate and remove all the blocks or impediments to this affirmation from my body, unconscious mind, and energy field, in this lifetime and all lifetimes in all directions of time and space. And so it is, thank you Infinite Becoming.”
Wait while Infinite Becoming removes the blocks or impediments. You may feel the urge to sigh, cough, or breathe deeply as they are being removed.
Ask Divine Mind, “Have the blocks or impediments been removed?”
If the answer through your Body-Soul is “yes,” then say, “Thank you, Infinite Becoming.” If the answer is “no,” then wait a bit longer.
Step 6: Use the affirmation.
Write the affirmation on a piece of paper and carry it around with you and repeat it often.
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