Conscious Eating

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Conscious Eating

Rather than participating in conscious eating, many people ingest food unconsciously. How about you? How many times have you:

  • all of a sudden noticed that there is no food on your plate and cannot remember having eaten it?
  • automatically eaten snacks at a party (potato chips, corn chips, pretzels, etc.) without noticing how much you have eaten?
  • eaten food when you are with friends, even if you are not hungry?
  • drank beverages or eaten food to be social (or to escape) and not for thirst or hunger?
  • eaten everything on your plate even though you were full after half the food?
  • shown your love by making someone a meal?
  • felt more loved when someone made you a meal?
  • forced yourself to eat a particular food because it is “supposed” to be good for you?
  • had food cravings and ate the food (i.e. eaten only for the pleasure of it)?

Most people eat unconsciously, meaning that they eat without examining their thought processes around food, and they eat without paying attention to their food.

People eat to:

  • escape their problems
  • celebrate
  • have something to do
  • get approval and love
  • feel like they belong

This is loosely called “emotional eating.” It’s time to move toward conscious eating so that you can experience optimal health!

Conscious Eating and How to Avoid Emotional Eating

There was a three month stretch of time in which the only thing I could eat was apples and raw almonds (don’t worry, it’s very unlikely that this would every happen happen to you). It was during this time period that I realized how much I was using food for socializing, to get approval and love, to fill a void, and to belong. I certainly learned a lot about myself!

If you want to participate in conscious eating and move away from emotional eating, it’s important to find alternative ways to deal with situations and emotions. Indulge in other things that bring about a sense of fulfillment, community, and belonging. You can enjoy music, dancing, nature, gardening, sports, conversation, board games, cards, reading, art, museums, meditation, massage, sex (especially with someone you love, including you), drumming, Frisbee, etc.

Eat When You Are Hungry

When you are participating in conscious eating, intend to nourish your body so that it can maintain health:

  • get tested for food allergies by Monica Levin and eat only non-reactive foods
  • eat when you are hungry
  • do not eat when you are not hungry
  • drink water when you are thirsty
  • notice whether you are hungry or thirsty
  • pay attention to the food you eat, taste it, savor it, and enjoy it
  • avoid eating while distracted by conversation, television, or music
  • feel appreciation for the food that you eat

Be the powerful creator of your reality and claim your power back from food! Participate in Conscious Eating.