Energetic Shifts, Brain Chemistry, & Foods

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Energetic Shifts, Brain Chemistry, & Foods

It’s amazing to me that I wrote about energy shifts, brain chemistry, and foods in July of 2011! As a people, we have been going through the process of spiritual expansion for many years and now that it is 2022 it is happening faster than ever! The energetic shifts on our planet have intensified and everyone on the planet is feeling the effects. The effects are evident on many levels: globally (wars and genocide), societally (business dismantling and economic restructuring), familial (divorces and family members dying), and individually (physical and mental health). Since all change and transformation begins with the individual, it is time to look at what is going on inside and learn how to help yourself and empower yourself.

It is extremely important to understand that as the planetary energies are changing, your brain is changing in order to open up your psychic abilities. In order to help your brain you have to support your gastrointestinal tract. Neurotransmitters in your brain are responsible for cognitive functioning and enable you to have motivation, energy, focus, relaxation, physical awareness and perception, and more. A majority of these neurotransmitters are manufactured in your gut. So as the brain is going through all of these changes there is an increased demand on the gut to manufacture neurotransmitters by extracting nutrition from your food. If you consume food that your body cannot easily digest then you will not produce the amount of neurotransmitters that you need, resulting in conditions such as inability to concentrate, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and more.

How you feel also affects your ability to produce the neurotransmitters that your brain needs. If you have issues with personal power, are not acknowledging your personal empowerment, or are giving your power away to someone else (for example the government, legal system, family members, a boss, a supervisor, or a mate) then the solar plexus chakra will not function well. Since the solar plexus chakra affects the digestive system you won’t be able to gather and produce all of the brain chemicals that you need.

How to Balance Brain Chemistry

It is time to address the two components discussed above and balance your brain chemistry; you will feel great if you do! Here are several suggestions:

Balance your digestive system by avoiding your allergic foods. Everyone has foods that nourish their body and foods that do not. Get tested for hidden food intolerances by Monica Levin and avoid consuming foods and beverages made with your allergic foods.

Boost your immune system in order to support your solar plexus chakra and make it easier to claim your power and be true to you. To boost your immune system avoid your allergic foods (yes, I just said that) and take some supplements to boost your immune system.

Brain Chemistry Support

Schedule an appointment with Monica Levin to improve your connection to your Divine Mind and determine which foods will help your gut manufacture the neurotransmitters that your brain needs!