The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing in Michigan

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The Reconnection & Reconnective Healing in Michigan

Monica Levin is a legacy Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection Practitioner in Michigan. Monica was personally trained by Dr. Eric Pearl and has been doing Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection since 2004.

Reconnective Healing

Reconnective Healing is new on the planet and is most appropriate for our timing. Many of you have heard of Reiki, Touch for Health, Healing Touch, EFT, and so on. All of the energy healing techniques are subsets of the Reconnective Healing bandwidth of frequencies. Reconnective Healing is more than energy healing because it is about bringing energy, light and information to all of us and to the planet.

You can receive Reconnective Healing in Monica’s Wixom, Michigan office, or remotely.

Beyond Method and into Science

The reality of the existence of the Reconnective Healing frequencies has demonstrated itself clearly in practice as well as in science laboratories.

Recommended Number of Reconnective Healing Sessions

Reconnective Healing is unlike other healing modalities. With Reconnective Healing people return to balance in one to three sessions. It is recommended that you schedule up to three sessions. Once you have had the three sessions, allow the Reconnective Healing frequencies (which stay with you) to continue to work. You will experience whatever level of healing the Universe/God/Source has decided for you. If after three to six months you still have some symptoms remaining you are welcome to come in for another series of three healings.

Preparing for a Reconnective Healing Session

Healings can come in all forms. The best way to allow for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without expectation or attachment. Wear comfortable clothing, place yourself face-up on the table, relax, close your eyes and simply notice. Observe. Become both the observer and the observed. Withdraw your participatory thought process and simply observe when there is something to notice, as well as when there is nothing to notice; lie there and let go, as if you simply had a little unexpected rest time. Place your attention inside your body and allow it to travel through you, observing whatever you perceive to be out of the ordinary.

The Reconnection

The Reconnection is about life enhancement, life acceleration, and life unfoldment.

The Reconnection is a two-session experience which is commonly referred to as your Personal Reconnection during which your energy is reconnected to the ley lines (energy grid) which go around the Earth and hence reconnects you to the Universe in a very real way.

During the process of The Reconnection new lines are brought in and activated which allows for the exchange, beyond energy, of light and information, the reconnection of DNA “strands” and the reintegration of “strings” (simultaneous – or parallel- planes of existence).

The Reconnection is a two-session experience which is conducted in Monica’s Wixom, Michigan office (not remotely). Each session typically lasts 45 minutes and they occur one to three days apart. The total cost of your Personal Reconnection is $333.00.

Reconnective Healing & The Reconnection In Michigan

Monica’s office is in Wixom, Michigan which is near Novi, West Bloomfield, Birmingham, Southfield, Commerce, South Lyon, Brighton, Howell, Plymouth, Canton, and Northville.

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